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7051 SW Sandburg Rd, Suite 400, Tigard, OR 97223

Plastic-Metals Technologies, Inc., provides thin film metallization processes with superior quality, value, and expertise, that meet or exceed customer expectations by achieving our quality objectives and setting a course for continual improvement.

Plastic-Metals Technologies is lead by Randy Raugust, President, Head of Engineering

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Headquartered in Tigard, just south of Portland, Oregon, Plastic-Metals Technologies and PMT Shielding Solutions is an industry leader in vacuum metallizing principally engaged in the aerospace, defense, medical, and highly reflective coatings industries. Providing EMI/RFI shielding solutions for advanced technology systems in these industries has allowed us to expand our ability to bring you the latest available solutions for your company needs.

Plastic-Metals Technologies is proud of the excellent customer service and on time delivery we bring to your product design and manufacturing teams. In addition to our extensive experience in metallizing, thin-film, and additive coating fields, we offer years of electronics industry product design, operations and manufacturing expertise. We also bring chemical and electronics engineering expertise to your project. You’ll find us a responsive and dedicated partner, and one that can further support your post-metallization needs.

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